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Ferrell Nottingham Is Keepin’ It Country

About sixty years ago, Country music began to shed its “hillbilly” image and move into the mainstream music scene. Since then, a number of colors and flavors of the genre have emerged and evolved. Some of these varieties have endured while others have faded over the years. However, each of these “sounds” owe their very existence to the timeless Country traditions that could be said to define the genre itself. Ferrell Nottingham, a northeastern Ohio native, has written and performed literally hundreds of songs and every one of them is grounded in the very roots of Country music — simple, yet touching stories that reflect life itself.
Ferrell’s most recent album, Keepin’ It Country, is a beautiful celebration of life, its ups and downs, good times and bad. This isn’t an album that you will want to depend on for background music while tending to other tasks. You will be continually distracted from your work if you try it. These songs demand to be not only heard, but savored, contemplated and reflected upon. You can sample this masterpiece at, where you will also find links to the various sites that have the album available for purchase. I will be eagerly awaiting news of Ferrell’s next release, and I hope I don’t have to wait long.

Listen to one of Ferrell’s best — Life Without You Here

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