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Steve Volkmann — Unique and Awesome!

Sometimes you have to look around a bit to find good new music, and then there are the times that the music finds you. This afternoon was a prime example of the latter. After teaching the last of my classes for the day and enjoying a nice dinner with my family in front of the TV, I returned to my desk to find a message on our just launched Facebook page from Steve Volkmann,a singer-songwriter from Providence, Rhode Island, who invited me to check out one of his new songs, “I Saw Elvis”. I followed the link he provided to the Spotify page for the album, New Direction by Hey Now! (a duo consisting of Steve and partner Robert Dumont), expecting, from the title, to find a nice, fun song with a catchy tune. However, what I found instead was so much better. “I Saw Elvis” is a beautiful ballad that speaks of loss, redemption and the desire to escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life and return to the safety of “home”, wherever or whatever that may be. Another surprise came when I selected “Shady Grove”. I fully expected to be treated to yet one more rendition and interpretation of the classic folk standard. Instead, I found myself swept along a musical path full of vivid imagery and heartfelt emotion. Not just another “going home” song, “Shady Grove” pulls the listener into the experience; every sight, sound and smell of the journey comes alive.
The other tracks on the album are just as good. Some, like the bluesy and jazzy “Motocross Girl” are upbeat, toe-tapping numbers that will have you humming the tune for hours. Others demand a bit more contemplation. Be warned, don’t attempt to force Steve’s music into a single genre. His style doesn’t fit nicely into nice, neat boxes. Nor does Steve try to satisfy the masses by producing tracks that “cross over” or try to achieve mass appeal. Yes, you can easily detect elements of Country, Folk and Jazz in his work, but all the bits and pieces melt easily together to create a distinct tone and feel. You can check out this awesome album at the Spotify page — and be sure to check out Steve’s website and Facebook page.

This is Shady Grove, my favorite track from the album. Enjoy!

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  1. Richard MacDonald

    Very interesting and beutiful song.


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